Stop and think about it...
Pastor Steven Sewell

The one question I will carry to my grave, is why the world religious system today projects a gospel no different than what the world believes, and that is one of human merit, that says that man is saved by what he does....that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell, while singing amazing grace. This is a question that should stop every christian dead in their tracks in shock and amazement. And the only explanation there can be for such widespread delusion as this, is that most Christians have not seriously studied the Bible, but are comfortable placing their trust in a message that has turned the Gospel upside down to make the Christian, in the final analysis, his own savior, which is EXACTLY what those outside of Christ believe.  


If basic conservative evangelical Christianity today really understood it's Bible, it would know how backward such a system of belief is. And how the devil himself is the author of that backward system of belief.  This is what the world believes. It is what Hollywood believes. It is what the average man on the street believes, if he even believes there is a God at all. In fact, it is precisely why he detests the world religious system, because of the demands of law it places upon him. He is not resisting the light, he is resisting darkness that appears as light, because he is not hearing the light of the true Gospel preached from most pulpits today. It is the world religious system itself that is afraid to come to the light, lest it's self righteous, legalistic deeds be exposed.


And then to make matters worse, it dresses itself up in the same sanctimonious garb that my Lord despised, peddling it's message as the Gospel contained in the sacred Word of God. This is why the way to destruction is broad, and the way to life is narrow. Because it insults man's sense of pride and self worth to believe salvation is truly by grace and grace alone.