1. Torahcalendar's 3980 BC creation year date, which sees the 6000 years end in 2021. 

2. All the failed predictions since the R12 Sign. 

3. Psalms 90:10, and Rev 3:8...."little strength." That a 2018 Rapture being 70 years from 1948 would place the 80 years of Psalm 90:10 three years inside the Millennium. Jesus told the Church at Philadelphia (us) we had "little strength." He did not say we had strength (80). He did not say we had no strength (70). But a "little strength." 


4. The belief that God works slower than what we would like Him to. 


5. The numbers themselves (2021 and 2028). 


6. Calculating the dates just to see where the timeline took us.  Everything converging in 2028 which equals a 2021 rapture.


7. The uniqueness/ nature of the Church as distinct from Israel. Watchmen have made the grave error of not rightly dividing between God's program for the Church, and His program for Israel. 


8. More evidence for the Rapture being associated with Spring than Fall, or the Fall Jewish feast cycle. 


9. That we are in the beginning of birth pangs/sorrows. 


10. The meaning behind the word harpazo. A sudden removal from something cataclysmic. 

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